ASSIMILATE™, the leading provider of professional digital dailies and DI workflow tools, today announced SCRATCH Web™, the easiest and most ideal way for SCRATCH® and SCRATCH Lab® artists to set up secure, cloud-based client review sessions, eliminating multiple review steps and creating significant time savings. SCRATCH Web artists can seamlessly create a secure content channel for dailies, DI or VFX review sessions with a few simple clicks directly from within the SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab UI.

The traditional method of remote review and collaboration with clients has involved many, discrete steps that involve multiple products with multiple user interfaces. The serial nature of these multiple steps can often cause delays in publishing the content, and confusion about how to view it.

SCRATCH Web solves these problems by enabling a fluid, intuitive workflow for publishing a single clip, or an entire construct - including all metadata- without ever leaving SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab. Artists with a MyASSIMILATE account can publish their local SCRATCH or Lab CONstruct to a corresponding cloud-based CONstruct on their SCRATCH Web channel, seamlessly and securely with the click of a button. SCRATCH Web channels can be reviewed from any device with any Web browser - a smartphone, tablet or computer.

“SCRATCH Web is a huge time-saver for us” said Andrew Wahlquist, technologist at Local Hero in Santa Monica, Ca. “Before, we would plow through multiple steps to enable remote client review, including creating a preview, building a web page and then uploading the media. SCRATCH Web turns that into just a couple of clicks that are seamlessly integrated into the SCRATCH UI that we already know. We use it for everything from complex dailies and VFX review to something as simple as getting titles approved.”

Since SCRATCH Web replicates a local CONstruct in the cloud, client sessions gain several other benefits of a SCRATCH running locally, including:

►  SCRATCH Web offers seamless publishing and sharing of both the media and all the metadata from the local SCRATCH CONstruct.

►  SCRATCH Web fosters collaboration via a flexible notes feature. Both authors and reviewers can attach or append configurable notes to any shot or sequence, just as they can in a local SCRATCH.

►  SCRATCH Web channels can be configured to be secure and private for content, such as a dailies review; or shared publicly with anyone; or for content such as showreels.

►  Invitations to provide client access are simple and secure via e-mail.

►  SCRATCH Web features comprehensive reporting capabilities, outlining all metadata, shot-by-shot in the SCRATCH Web CONstruct.

“SCRATCH Web represents a completely new paradigm for enabling client review sessions,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of Marketing at ASSIMILATE. “Clients no longer want to travel to do reviews, and typical cloud-based tools are expensive, complicated and stove-piped, so the workflows contain a lot of redundancy. Our approach with SCRATCH Web is to enable securely publishing and reviewing media a natural extension of the tool you’re using to create it.”

Pricing and Availability
SCRATCH Web channels are available immediately via The basic subscription is $79 per month (includes up to 20GB of storage) and the Extended subscription is $249 per month (includes up to 100GB of storage). A free introductory account is available to any SCRATCH or SCRATCH Lab artist who is current on maintenance and support.

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