At the Festival de Cannes, May 11 - 22, the Cannes Marché’s third NEXT event is placing a heavy emphasis on the high-growth VR market. On May 15 and16, the VR Days program will feature VR projects from Canada, the USA, Denmark, and France. ASSIMILATE® congratulates Virgil Kastrup, Denmark, for his high-quality post production – conform, color grading, versioning, compositing, and finishing – of two VR projects using ASSIMLATE’s SCRATCH VR® end-to-end workflow and tools. Both VR projects were produced by Makropol ( Denmark.

“Ewa” (pilot)
Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen
Producers: Mads Damsbo, Jakob Hegel
You will be born as Ewa, you will grow up as Ewa, and as Ewa you will fight to free yourself. You will struggle to accept your inner nature, confront your past and the one person that is holding you down – yourself.
Length: (8:00)

“The Doghouse”
Director: Johan Knattrup Jensen
Producer: Mads Damsbo
MAKROPOL, Dark Matters and Kanako
You are at a family dinner. Mum and dad have made roast beef. Older brother has brought his new girlfriend home for the first time and little brother is trying to avoid the inevitable disaster.
Length: (18:00)

Several other films on the Cannes Festival competition roster have been created by filmmakers whose post-production companies used ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® end-to-end post-production workflow and tools in their digital workflows for dailies, conform, color grading, compositing and finishing.

ASSIMILATE® congratulates Cosmo Digital (Paris, France) and Local Hero (Santa Monica, CA) for their high-quality post-production of the following features, short films and documentaries.

Local Hero (Santa Monica, CA),

“Captain Fantastic”, directed by Matt Ross

Cosmo Digital (Paris, France),

“Victoria” by Justine Triet, “Yellow Birds” by K. Rajagopal, “Diamond Island” by Davy Chou, “Apnee” by Jean-Christophe Meurisse, and “Sac La Mort” by Emmanuel Parraud.

“ASSIMILATE and its SCRATCH product line have been at the epicenter of the global digital cinema revolution since 2004, empowering studios, indie filmmakers, and boutique post-production houses with powerful and affordable DI tools that help bring their vision to the big screen,” said Jeff Edson, CEO at ASSIMILATE. “We’re excited to be at the forefront of VR post-production and honored that so many of the entries accepted at this year’s festival were conformed, color graded or finished in SCRATCH. We congratulate the artists who continue to push the envelope in digital storytelling, and we join the rest of the filmmaking community in celebrating their accomplishments.”

ASSIMILATE is the premier provider of real-time post-production and workflow tools that have proven essential to the successful creation of 2D/3D/VR studio and independent feature films, documentaries, TV episodes, and music videos. The SCRATCH product line, running on Windows and OS X, equips directors, DPs, on-set DITs and post-production artists with the state-of-the-art, cost-effective, data-centric solutions they need to meet the challenges of increased creativity and productivity amid ever-shrinking budgets. SCRATCH is resolution independent, supporting multiple formats, including ARRI RAW, KineRAW, Sony F5/55/65 and Cyber Shot s700, Phantom, Panasonic Varicam 4K, Canon C300/C500, Canon 3DGoPro, as well as enhanced support for all RED cameras. SCRATCH is the only post-production tool to support native Kinefinity RAW (KRW and DNG) files. SCRATCH enables mixing and matching of any camera format, resolution or color space (including ACES) on the same timeline. Additionally, ASSIMILATE offers the only professional end-to-end VR workflow and tools in the SCRATCH VR Suite for Learn more at