At the 67th Festival de Cannes, May 14 - 25, several films on the competition roster have been created by filmmakers whose post-production companies used ASSIMILATE’s SCRATCH® DI software in their digital workflows for conform, color grading, and finishing, and/or SCRATCH Lab® for their production dailies or VFX reviews. The Cannes Film Festival is the world’s premier showcase for independent and international filmmakers.

ASSIMILATE® congratulates Cinecolor Argentina, Color’M (France), Cosmo Digital (France), Etalonneur (France), Local Hero Post (Santa Monica, CA), and Opus Digital Lab (Tel Aviv) for their high-quality post-production of the following features, short films and documentaries accepted by the Festival de Cannes 2014 and related venues.

In Competition for Palme d’Or:

Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) (2014), drama directed by Damián Szifron. An intense, outrageous, and darkly funny film comprised of six separate stories – the drive for success, vertigo, competition, and the inequality of the world we live in. Some get stressed, depressed, or burst.

Post Production Facility: Cinecolor Argentina; graded and finished on SCRATCH by Luisa Cavanagh,

Un Certain Regard:

Incompressa (Misunderstood) (2014), drama directed by legendary actress Asia Argento.

Post Production Facility: Local Hero Post (Los Angeles); SCRATCH color grading, finishing, VFX, and mastering.

Special Screening:

El Ardor (2014), drama directed by Pablo Fendrik. A mysterious man who emerges from the Argentinean rainforest to rescue the kidnapped daughter (Alice Braga) of a poor farmer after mercenaries murder her father and take over his property.

Post Production Facility: Cinecolor Argentina (Buenos Aires); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Luisa Cavanagh.

Quinzaine des Realisateurs (Directors’ Fortnight):

En Août (2014), drama short film, world premiere, directed by Jenna Hasse. Hasse also wrote and stars in the film. A six-year old girl awakens early one morning and goes to the window where she sees her father putting objects and boxes into the car. The little girl is about to experience a significant moment.

Post Production: Yov Moor (Paris); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Yov Moor, Contact Yov Moor via email

Cambodia 2099 (2014), drama short film, world premiere, directed by Chou Davy. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Diamond Island, the country's pinnacle of modernity, two friends tell each other about the dreams they had the night before.

Post Production: Etalonneur (Paris); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Christophe Legendre.

Mange tes Morts (2014), feature film, world premiere, directed by Jean-Charles Hue. Four young gypsies set off on a binge among the “gadjos” in search of a cargo of copper.  

Post Production: CosmoDigital (Paris); color graded on SCRATCH by Yov Moor

At Li Layla (Next to Her) (2014), feature film, world premiere, directed by Asaf Korman. Chelli is raising her mentally disabled sister Gabby all by herself and is forced to place her in a day-care center; the void left by her sister's absence makes room for a man in her life. The three are slowly drawn into a strange threesome, where boundaries between love, sacrifice, nurturing and torturing are broken.

Post Production Facility: Opus Digital Lab (Tel-Aviv); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Ido Karilla

Programmation ACID:

Spartacus & Cassandra (2014), feature film directed by Loanis Muguet. Two Roma children harbored by a young trapeze artist in a tent on the outskirts of Paris. He provides a fragile haven for brother and sister, who are torn between the new destiny that awaits them and their parents living in the street.

Post Production: Etalonneur (Paris); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Christophe Legendre.

Qui Vive (2014), feature film directed Marianne Tardieu. Cherif is struggling to learn to be a nursing assistant. In the meantime, he works as a security guard where he meets a girl he likes, Jenny. But one night, the time of a tragic event ...

Post Production: Color’M (Paris); color graded on SCRATCH by Yov Moor

Semaine de la Critique (The Critics’ Week):

Self Made (Boreg) (2014), directed by Shira Geffen. The story of two women – one Israeli, the other Palestinian - who are trapped within their respective worlds. After a mix-up at a checkpoint, they find themselves living the life of the other on the opposite side of the border.

Post Production Facility: Opus Digital Lab (Tel-Aviv); color graded and finished on SCRATCH by Ido Karilla.

“ASSIMILATE and its SCRATCH product line have been at the epicenter of the global digital cinema revolution since 2004, empowering indie filmmakers and boutique post houses with powerful and affordable DI tools that help bring their vision to the big screen,” said Steve Bannerman, VP of Marketing at ASSIMILATE. “We’re honored that so many of the entries accepted at this year’s festival were conformed, color graded or finished in SCRATCH. We congratulate the artists who continue to push the envelope in digital storytelling, and we join the rest of the community in celebrating their accomplishments.”

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