As its most aggressive product update to date, ASSIMILATE’s new SCRATCH 8.6 post-production tools and workflow deliver the power and punch that storytellers – DPs, DITs, and post-production artists – need today for creating sharp and impactful imagery that sparks the imagination and emotions of the viewing audience.

The SCRATCH product line, known for its high-performance 2D/3D tools in a single, streamlined workflow – dailies, conform, color grading, compositing, finishing & mastering –continues to evolve in SCRATCH 8.6 as the most efficient post-production tool suite on the market. New product highlights include expanded support for HDR functions, numerous new formats, a more user-friendly UI, and more efficient DIT tools. And notably, it’s affordable for everyone.

Additionally SCRATCH Play for review and playback supports numerous new formats for 2D, 3D, and VR. SCRATCH Web continues to offer the most simplified and powerful cloud-based, real-time review and collaboration tool that saves time, money, and enables faster time-to-market. Significant updates for the SCRATCH VR Suite 8.6 are detailed in a separate press release.

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SCRATCH 8.6 Highlights


  • With expanded HDR support, SCRATCH makes working in HDR just as easy as SDR.
  • Mix HDR and SDR as you please and create multiple deliverables in a single project.
  • PQ and HLG transfer functions are now an integral part of SCRATCH color management.
  • Scopes automatically switch to HDR mode if needed and show levels in a nit-scale; highlights any reference level that is set.
  • Define HDR mastering reference levels per project. All settings are automatically included in the video-output signal to your reference monitor: color space, color primaries and white levels, luminance levels, and more.
  • Generate an HDR-levels report of your graded timeline, including MaxCLL and MaxFALL  that are quickly becoming an additional requirement for an HDR deliverable.
  • HDR metadata is included inside the media when publishing HDR media directly to YouTube.

Format Support
SCRATCH 8.6 includes support for all the latest formats for even greater efficiency in the DIT and post-production processes.

  • New Panasonic Varicam LT DNG.
  • Create 10-bit H264 SDR or HDR output in resolutions up to 8192x6144, including all HDR metadata.
  • New high-speed DNx MXF encoder for OpAtom and Op1A, including DNxHR and including all clip metadata and audio information to ensure a seamless AVID round-trip workflow.
  • New, more efficient DNx MXF decoder, reading OpAtom, OP1a and Op1B variants.
  • Increased performance of QuickTime and XAVC MXF playback.
  • New high-performance DNG Raw reader with high quality DeBayer and extended DNG variant support.
  • New support for wide range of still-camera raw formats like Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Hasselblad, Pentax, Leica
  • New high-quality DeBayer for Kinefinity RAW.
  • ACES: This version contains all the latest standard transforms as published by the Academy, including the newly ACEScct working color space, a derivative of ACEScc (also referred to as ACES log).

DIT Reporting Function
SCATCH v8.6 brings greater efficiency to the DIT’s job with added features in a single, streamlined workflow.

  • New reporting tool with a set of new pre-defined reports for on-set, dailies- and post-context.
  • All reports are customizable: add your own logo and set your own sub-selection of media to include from a single shot, to a timeline, to the full project.
  • Add sub-selection of metadata, as well as ad-hoc information and notes.
  • Reports are generated in html and csv, which can be easily printed to PDF or converted to other formats for the needed deliverables.

User Interface
Numerous updates make the UI more intuitive and shorten the learning curve for the new user, as well as further streamline the interface for advanced users. Updates include better, more insightful project overview and management features, and tooltips to guide the artists through the extensive number of functions.

Price and Availability
SCRATCH 8.6 is available immediately, starting at $75.00 USD per month, or $650 USD per year. Learn more about SCRATCH at

ASSIMILATE provides real-time post-production and workflow tools that have proven essential to productivity and creativity in the creation of 2D/3D/VR studio and independent feature films, documentaries, TV episodes, and music videos. The SCRATCH product line, running on Windows and OS X, equips directors, DPs, on-set DITs and post-production artists with the latest, state-of-the-art, cost-effective tools and workflows they need to simplify the post process for challenging post-production. SCRATCH is resolution independent, supporting nearly all formats, including ARRI RAW, KineRAW, Sony F5/55/65 and Cyber Shot s700, Phantom, Panasonic Varicam 4K, Canon C300/C500, Canon 3DGoPro, as well as enhanced support for all RED cameras. SCRATCH is the only post-production tool to support native Kinefinity RAW (KRW and DNG) files. SCRATCH enables mixing and matching of any camera format, resolution or color space (including ACES) on the same timeline. Additionally, ASSIMILATE offers the only professional end-to-end VR workflow and tools – with stitching -- in the SCRATCH VR Suite. Learn more at