Renowned Art + Technology company The Artery has recently contributed extensive and stunning visual content to high profile projects across all screens – feature film, episodic TV, a live TV awards event, and social media. Deborah Sullivan, The Artery’s Executive Producer and Managing Director, made the announcement.

Sullivan said, “We are thrilled to have established ourselves within just four years as a top creator of visual content for every screen. Our recent projects exemplify our versatility and creativity within all mediums –film, TV and Web –we’re everywhere! These latest projects represent our diversity and the high level in which we are consistently able to create and deliver stunning content. As we are now in an expansion mode, we are truly excited to see what new projects, technologies and challenges come our way during the coming months.”

"Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer"
Working closely with the director and production team, The Artery created and delivered all of the VFX shots featured within the critically acclaimed film “Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer,” from Sony Pictures Classics. The film stars Richard Gere “in one of his strongest performances in years” (The “Norman” made its debut at both the 2016 Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.

For the project, The Artery delivered over 125 VFX shots, comprising more than 10-minutes of screen time. The Artery contributed many seamless VFX to “Norman,” with some directly related to the performance of leading cast members. In addition, the company delivered VFX for two highly creative sequences, one of which visually depicts an “ego trip” in which memories of various conversations are presented as though they were “floating through the air. “

Variety has cited some of Director Joseph Cedar’s scenes in “Norman” as being visually presented through “clever split-screens” – these were also designed and delivered by The Artery. 

“Norman” is a U.S. and Israeli production of a Sony Pictures Classics release, presented with Tadmor Entertainment of a Blackbird, Cold Iron Pictures, and a Movie Plus production, in association with the Solution Entertainment Group. In addition to Richard Gere, “Norman’s” other notable cast members are: Lior Ashkenazi, Michael Sheen, Steve Buscemi, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Dan Stevens, Hank Azaria, Harris Yulin, Josh Charles, and Scott Shepherd.

"The Get Down"
For the new TV series “The Get Down,” streaming on Netflix, The Artery created and delivered over 200 VFX shots across three episodes. “The Get Down” marks The Artery’s very first episodic TV series project.

The Artery provided numerous modern day VFX elements to “The Get Down,” including an exciting rooftop chase sequence in which fire, smoke and crumbling buildings must be overcome by the lead character, “Shaolin,” a thrill-seeking child of the streets (portrayed by actor Shameik Moore), who jumps between building rooftops. 

“The Get Down” is a musical drama television series set in the South Bronx in the late 1970s. Created by Baz Luhrmann and Stephen Adly Guirgis, the first episodes of the six-part series debuted on Netflix in August 2016. Each episode of the series, which is being produced by Sony Pictures Television, runs 53-93 minutes in length.

Trailer Promoting Rapper “Future's” Appearance On MTV’s Video Music Awards
The Artery created all of the VFX shots featured within the trailer which promoted Rap Music Artist “Future’s” upcoming appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards (The VMAs). The trailer promised audiences that “Future” was “guaranteed to bring down the house with his first ever Video Music Awards performance.” The VMA’s were televised live on MTV in late August.

To view this promotional trailer, please see:

Social Media Work For Pepsi on Instagram for the VMAs
And for client Pepsi’s Instagram social media page, The Artery also created a striking, black and white still image of a Pepsi soda can sitting atop an iconic MTV “moon rock” while also leaning against a Pepsi flag embedded within the rock’s surface. The image, designed as a “wink” to MTV’s classic “Moon Man” graphic, made its first appearance on Instagram concurrent with the VMAs telecast.

In late August, the Pepsi Instagram page asked visitors “What do you think the Moon Man drinks?” The Artery’s work can be seen here:

The Artery has been producing Pepsi’s social media presence for the past six months, working directly with the PepsiCo content studio.

Adds Sullivan, “Every day, we create and produce a brand new image or movie or giff that Pepsi releases to its Instagram and Twitter accounts. Our ‘Moon Man’ wink was a notable Pepsi image for us – and one that exists within a much larger body of our work on Pepsi’s behalf.”  

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