The contents of this release have been withdrawn by SPW due to client request. SPW regrets to inform you that, on March 26th, 2015 02:04 P.M. ET, this release was withdrawn at the request of the client/author, Arsenal FX.

Founded in Santa Monica, CA, in 2008 by Mark Leiss, ArsenalFX is an artist-driven, visual effects, motion graphics and design studio. The company specializes in commercial finishing and media distribution. ArsenalFX enjoys a stellar reputation and a diverse global client base, spanning the industries of advertising, motion pictures and television. 
ArsenalFX considers its greatest strength the talent of its award-winning artists and technicians, whose collective years of experience, along with a shared hunger for new challenges, have resulted in an uncompromising standard of excellence. The ArsenalFX team has the expertise and technology to provide state-of-the-art visual effects for any media format, regardless of its size or location, anywhere in the world. 
ArsenalFX is now located at 2038 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. Phone: 310/453-5400. Website: