Still photographer/Director Anthony Dias has signed with Square Planet Media for both commercial and digital advertising assignments. It marks the first time that Dias has been represented as a director in addition to his work as a still photographer. The announcement was made by Square Planet Executive Producer Kendra Wester. Dias’s work incorporates cars with active lifestyle elements. He joins directors Toshi Oku, Francis Dreis, John M and Chris Weinstein at the company.

Brooks Institute Pedigree
Dias hails from Brooks Institute, where he studied photography, film and graphic design. While at the Institute, Dias discovered his affinity for shooting cars and people, both on stage and beyond four walls. “I was attracted to the technical challenges of automotive shooting combined with the creative side of capturing people in that same landscape,” says Dias. “The balance between the creative and the technical is a never-ending challenge.”

Recent Assignments/Heroic Elements
One recent project for Dias involved shooting a helicopter and medical rescue team from PHI Cleveland Clinic. “The challenge in the shots was to instantly communicate the care these professionals give to people needing urgent medical attention,” says Dias. The photos were taken on actual flights in Ohio and Louisiana. “I wanted every image to emote the feeling of care and safety, the sense of dedication to each other and their patients,” he adds.

Another assignment involved a shoot for Toyota. Dias worked for agency Saatchi LA alongside a live action crew. For Dias, the objective was to take Toyota models Tundra, Rav4 and Avalon and create heroic and powerful images using the rugged environment as a backdrop. “I love the sun flares and contrast of backlighting, especially through the trees,” says Dias. “The Grand Tetons provided some spectacular shooting opportunities.”

About Square Planet Media
Square Planet Media is located at 1524 W. 132nd St. in Los Angeles. For more information please visit or contact Kathee Toyama at 626-644-6422.