As the motion picture industry awards season shifts into into high gear, here's a handy, continually updated, free resource to stay on top of all the events, nominations, and winners. Download/update your SHOOT® 2014/15 Awards Season Organizer to keep pace with the latest motion picture industry awards shows information including contact reference information, dates & deadlines, persons, studios, and companies short-listed, nominated, and winners.

Event information included in SHOOT's annual 2012/13 Academy Season Organizer: ACE EDDIE AWARDS, ADG AWARDS (17th Annual), AMPAS SCI TECH AWARDS, ANNIE AWARDS (40th Annual), ASC AWARDS (27th ANNUAL), CAS Awards (49th ANNUAL), CRITICS CHOICE MOVIE AWARDS (18th ANNUAL), DGA AWARDS (65th Annual), EUROPEAN FILM AWARDS, GOLDEN GLOBE® AWARDS, GOLDEN REEL AWARDS (60th Annual), GOTHAM INDEPENDENT AWARDS, HPA AWARDS (7th Annual), HOLLYWOOD FILM AWARDS® (16th Annual), Orange British Academy Film Awards, PRODUCERS GUILD AWARDS (24th Annual), Screen Actors Guild Awards® 19th Annual, SPIRIT AWARDS, VES AWARDS (11th Annual), WRITERS GUILD AWARDS (65th Annual), which all lead up to the 85th Annual ACADEMY AWARDS®.

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As a service to our readers, The SHOOT 2012/13 Academy Season Organizer makes sense, because behind every scene is a production crew that follows SHOOT. SHOOT's audience includes motion picture artisans such as directors (members of DGA, AMPAS), producers (members of PGA, AMPAS, AICP), cinematographers (members of ASC, ICG, AMPAS), screenwriter (members of WGA, AMPAS), art director (members ADG), editors (members of ACE, MPEG, AMPAS, AICE), VFX Animators (members of VES, AMPAS), musicians & audio talent (members IBT, RMA, CAS, AMP, AMPAS), set director (member SDSA), talent in the Casting department (members of CSA, AMPAS), locations scouts (members of LMGA), warobe & makeup talent (members MAHS, AMPAS), legal & accounting departments, studio management, owners and agents (members AMPAS), and of course, the PR talent (some members AMPAS, ICG). All of whom have their own Award Shows.

The "SHOOT® 2012/13 Awards Season Organizer," a complete list of award shows, deadlines, and show contact information, for motion picture industry reference is always available @

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With the film industry awards season heating up and the Sundance & Slamdance Film Fests, and Award Shows in high gear, SHOOT readers will be looking forward to our continued preview and wrap-up coverage of all the major award shows. In addition, SHOOT's five-part "Road to Oscar" series continues through the February 15 issue with previews and predictions about films generating Oscar buzz with insights from select directors,cinematographers and other artisans involved in many of them.

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