Afterparty VFX teamed with Radworks and HTC to produce two animated films to unveil the HTC RE camera and HTC Desire EYE phone at their October 8 launch in New York. The press event in Manhattan featured the RE, a contender to GoPro with its innovative styling and color range. Green screen plates and stills combine with stock footage and CG and 2D animation, to offer a new twist on historical timelines, culminating in the reveal of RE, the next generation of video camera.

HTC’s Desire EYE is a “selfie phone” featuring two cameras, one on each side, and a waterproof shell. Combining Realflow liquid simulations that form the outer body of the phone to illustrate the unique two-color injection molding process and a deluge of water to reflect the phone’s unique capacity not to fail poolside, the film combines stunning eye candy and practical information about the features of this stylish product. The result is a lush macro vision of this new technology. 

Afterparty is a design, animation and VFX studio based in New York.