Speaking on the Future of Branded Content at Advertising Week Europe (AWE), filmmaker/writer/producer/Warpaint co-owner Morgan Spurlock said brands need to partner with popular content creators in order to gain traction with the advertising-adverse youth audience.  Interviewed by Dominique Delport, the global MD of Havas Media Group, Spurlock told the audience that tapping into entertaining content and its often non-traditional creators is an excellent way to encourage young consumers to like your brand. Finding the right fit, or ‘DNA’ with content creators will be key to the future of branded content, Spurlock maintained.

Spurlock recounted the story of trying to get brands on board his hit doc The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, an irreverent movie specifically about product placement. While only 2% of the hundreds of companies he approached wanted to take part, in the film, those brands that did become supporters were very happy with the response from their youthful customers.

According to Spurlock, a movement is afoot concerning brands reaching out to collaborate with creators who traditionally make TV, film or web content. “They have seen you can go to content creators directly and make great stuff," Spurlock noted. In order to reach the digitally focused youth market, such collaborations are much more likely to win over youth audiences who don’t respond to advertising messages relegated to breaks between TV shows.

About Warpaint
Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is renowned for having his finger on the pulse of the documentary world. When Spurlock created Warpaint with commercial production EP Shannon Lords and film producers Keith Calder and Jeremy Chilnick, he sought to break new ground in branded filmmaking. Empowering a select cadre of notable directors to explore new formats and technologies, the company has worked for major national brands to create groundbreaking advertising and entertainment experiences across every platform imaginable.

About Advertising Week Europe (AWE)
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