Integrated production company Acne collaborated with The Mill and Milan-based creative agency April to produce Prada Raw Avenue, an immersive digital experience that that incorporates both fashion illustration and traditional animation techniques.

Acne’s Director of Creative Technology Greg Ipp, The Mill’s Executive Producer Reno Robertson, and April’s Creative Directors Joakim Dahlqvist and Francesco Tiribelli helmed the new digital experience, which visually interprets the Prada Raw Eyewear Model S30 and brings it together with pieces from the Prada Spring Summer 2015 Women’s collection. 

Six international illustrators with diverse practices and disciplines were enlisted to create short animations with Instagram being the primary social media platform through which their content will be shared.

The digital experience takes the form of a Prada Raw Digital Flipbook, which allows users to explore the animation works from these select artists, both as an open-ended, interactive experience as well as individual, short animated films. Users are invited to share their favorite animated interpretation on their own Instagram profile.

At the core of the Prada DNA lies the convergence of ideas in a post digital age, blending aspects of both traditional and contemporary expression. The approach used in the design of the Prada Raw collection is exemplary of this: the application of carved wood paired with the contemporary design of iconic Prada Eyewear offers the wearer a unique tactile and aesthetic experience. The Prada Raw Digital Flipbook echoes this ethos by combining classic illustration with digital animation and social media exploration. This confrontation results in a raw, remarkable, and vibrant visual experience.

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List of Illustrators:

♦  Carly Kuhn (Los Angeles)

♦ Megan Hess (New York)

♦ Blair Breitenstein (Seattle)

♦ Judith Van Den Hoek  (Netherlands)

♦ Wong Ping (Hong Kong)

♦ Vida Vega (London)