Ohio's film industry is receiving another major production with support from the Ohio Development Services Agency's Film Office. Disney's Marvel Studios was awarded a $9.5 million Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit for two project locations related to the new film, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." The movie will be shot in northeast and southern Ohio.

"First the Avengers, now Captain America—Hollywood is seeing the benefits of filming in Ohio," said Christiane Schmenk, Director of the Ohio Development Services Agency. "This is another example of the positive impact that the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit is having on our film industry and our state's job-creation picture overall."

Production in Ohio is expected to begin in February 2013 and run through the Spring, with the film scheduled for a Spring 2014 release. An estimated $35 million is expected to be spent in Ohio on the production over approximately 150 days for prep, shooting, and post production work. Approximately 40 percent of the movie will be shot in the Ohio, creating an estimated 2,778 Ohio job opportunities.

In order to be eligible for the tax credit, a production company must show reviewable progress to the Ohio Film Office within 90 days of receiving the notification letter. In addition, the tax credit is only provided after completion of the production. A total of $9 million in tax credits are still available in Fiscal Year 2013 for interested production companies.

For more information visit www.ohiofilmoffice.com.

The Ohio Film Office administers the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, which helps advance the motion picture industry in the State of Ohio, creating job opportunities and revenue. The Ohio Film Office aggressively recruits outside production activity to Ohio and helps retain and grow existing Ohio production companies and related businesses with the assistance and collaboration of industry partners. The Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit is calculated in two components: Ohio resident cast and crew wages will be credited at 35 percent. All other eligible production expenditures will be credited at 25 percent.

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