Inline with the heavy focus on sports-related concussions from both the media and athletic leagues at all levels, Producers just wrapped on a project revolving around a new initiative from Dick's Sporting Goods called PACE (Protecting Athletes Through Concussion Education).

Originally, the Maryland-based production company was asked to film a :30 spot promoting PACE, which would feature former Pittsburgh Steelers' running back, Jerome Bettis. The shoot was to take place on a Sunday in July at the Dick's store in Westminster, Maryland.

As Executive Producer, Ross Jones, was booking crew, and about 72 hours before shooting, Dick's called and said they had another urgent need. Jones was asked to go up to their Pittsburgh home base the next day to shoot their CEO for a related web video called "Straight Talk" announcing that Dick's Sporting Goods, through PACE, will donate a dollar for every athletic shoe they sell to imPACT, a program developed by two doctors that uses an initial baseline test and subsequent trials to measure the effects of concussions on athletes of all ages.

"So, a few days before filming the spot featuring Bettis, and while still trying to cross my t's and dot my i's on that, I also hired a crew to drive with me to Pittsburgh to shoot Dick's Sporting Goods' CEO and the doctors who created imPACT" recalls Jones. "I was set up in a huge area at Dick's corporate headquarters that is currently under renovation, unfinished floor and all, to hang a green screen and film the CEO and doctors. I also found out that when I got back I had to get a few young actors into our studio to portray athletes talking about experiences with concussions for the web video."

For this portion of the video, which was also shot on green screen, Jones needed some nice sports-related backgrounds along with additional layers such as young kids playing football. He hired a location manager to find a hockey rink, football tunnel and a school for background plates. Editor and still photographer, Kirk Davis, quickly ran around town and shot photographs of those places.

"Over the course of those three whirlwind days in July we created a lot of content. We produced the 'Straight Talk' video. On the day of the commercial shoot, we had a crew of about 25 shoot the spot," said Director Rip Lambert

Jones quickly realized the amount of coordination that was going to be necessary to pull off the shoot. "I even had over 40 Dick's staff employees from the Westminster, Maryland store come in on Saturday and work through the night and next day putting up and breaking down displays. But in the end the payoff was worth it. In fact, we got more out of it then we originally thought because Dick's Sporting Goods liked the content so much they are looking for other uses for it."


Creative Director: Frank Igrec
Production Manager: Kristen Garmey

Director: Rip Lambert
Executive Producer, Production: Ross Jones
DP: Matthew Woolf
Executive Producer, Post: Karen Phillips
Editorial: David Hudson
Color Grading: Kirk Davis
Graphics: Chris Abolt
Mixer: Mike Brilhart
Mixer: Tim St. Clair

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