Underdog Entertainment, a New York-based production company, today announced that Daniel Azarian, a director of television commercials and branded entertainment produced the opening, animated title sequence for the feature film "Circus Maximus," which is being released today on Blu-ray and DVD by Osiris Entertainment. The film stars Kevin Corrgian ("Pineapple Express," "The Departed") and Mario Cantone ("Sex and the City 1 & 2") and is produced by Daydream City Films.

The opening title sequence features animated, typewritten words appearing on a cyclorama film set, as inanimate objects related to the plot fly in and morph into the titles for each credit. The sequence uses the same kind of technique and tone one might see in the titles for a sitcom from the 1950 or 60s, including whimsical sound effects. "The animated typewritten words stem from the fact that the main character is a screenwriter," explains Azarian. "Since the film is a quirky dark comedy, I came up with the idea of using a retro aesthetic, like the stop-motion animation that was popular with the Rankin Bass Christmas specials, but with a bit of dark edge thrown in. I also was influenced by Friz Freleng's amazing title sequence from the original 1963 Pink Panther film.

The sequence was created and animated using Maxon's Cinema 4D and composited in Adobe After Effects in full HD 4K resolution. The title sequence can be seen here: Title Sequence Video

"Circus Maximus" centers on the wild predicament of an established screenwriter who attempts to complete an entire screenplay within a weekend. With a pending deadline looming and multiple obstacles mounting, this uproarious comedy unfolds as the characters involved come to life in their respective stories. The film is directed by Tommy J. La Sorsa and produced by Daydream City Films.

For more information on "Circus Maximus," visit Osirus Entertainment.

Daniel Azarian recently won two 2011 Telly Awards for the Public Service Announcement "Save Lolita" which premiered at the Hamptons Conservation & Wildlife Film Festival. He also garnered three 2008 Telly Awards, including Telly's highest honor, the Silver Award, for his futuristic-themed cosmetic spot, "Bulletproof." Daniel has directed and produced national spots for 3M's Scotch-Brite brand and Horizon Organic. Blue-chip telecommunications firms and entertainment networks have licensed Azarian's commercial spots for their US and international mobile networks.

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