NY-based Sonic Union Designer/Animator Matthew K. highlights some of life's most precious moments for New York Life in the recent "Selfless Gift" campaign out of TAXI, Worldwide. This touching campaign utilizes Sonic Union's burgeoning scope of creative services, providing not only audio post, but graphics, animation, compositing, deliverables and even casting.

In the campaign, Sonic Union's recent expansions enabled their client to have all of their post-production needs met on a single site. Sonic Union ushered the "Selfless Gift" campaign from start to finish, including animation of the end tags for the spot, each of which were based on existing design but collaborated upon using After Effects. The spots were conformed on the Quantel eQ after color correction was done at Goldcrest on Pablo. In addition to its wide array of audio capabilities, Sonic Union also conducted extensive casting sessions for New York Life to find the best voiceover talent for the campaign, before recording and mixing all four spots onsite and assisted in preparing audio for the radio campaign.

In the :30 "Montage" for New York Life, we open on a proud mother gazing down at her newborn baby as we hear the voiceover, "For all the joy you give us." We then pull out from a framed photo of a young couple, happily posed together on their wedding day followed by another photo of the couple many years later, happily laughing outdoors. We hear the voiceover, "Darling, here's to making the next 30 years as wonderful as the first." Next, we cut to a father and mother posing for a photo with their son on his graduation day as the voiceover continues, "For Michael, wherever life takes you." We then cut to a couple joyfully dancing together on their wedding day with the accompanying voiceover, "Sarah, here's a gift for our new life together. Love, Paul." The voiceover is seen in writing on the tag of a small blue "New York Life" gift box in the next shot with the super, "A selfless gift for your family." The spot concludes with the voiceover, "With over 165 years of experience, New York Life can help ensure your loved ones are always taken care of. It's the most selfless gift you can give."

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Client: New York Life Insurance
Titles: "Baby", "Graduate", "Wedding", "Montage" 2x:30/:15
Airdate: Currently Airing

Agency: TAXI, Worldwide
Producer: Joyce Lee
Creatives: Michael Pierantozzi, Anna Fine, Stephen Leps

Post Producer: Rebecca Smialek/Sonic Union
Motion Design: Matthew K/Sonic Union
Conform/Finishing: Matthew K/Sonic Union

Color: Peter Heady, Goldcrest/NY

Audio Post: Rob McIver/Sonic Union
Casting Director: Maria Pappalardo, Sonic Union

Sonic Union, New York was a concept born in 2008 between lauded mixers Michael Marinelli and Steve Rosen, and Managing Director Adam Barone. The team set out to create the finest audio shop in New York, while also maintaining a family-like feel in a location that reflected—and supported—client comfort, natural light and the artists' unwavering love of the craft. Three years later, Sonic Union's work has won top awards, their employees and clients play together after work, and its architecturally significant space overlooking the trees of Union Square has become a home-away-from-home for everyone who mixes there.

Sonic Union continues to evolve, pulling in on-staff, veteran voiceover casting director, Maria Pappalardo.

Sonic Union's flourishing Motion Graphics and VFX studio chases new ideas through design, animation and visual effects, delivering smart and fresh work for an array of creative clients. Pulling off the unexpected with unrivaled dedication, they infuse the process with equal parts love and magic from concept to finish.