The rent can go unpaid waiting for a record company to get it's act together. Production budgets are minuscule, executives don't have answers, so a group of international artists created HAUS International with a simple idea. Get work and use that work to pay for albums.

HAUS artist, English singer/songwriter, Olivia Broadfield, just released "The Beautiful War," produced with contributions from the HAUS Production Fund. "Each project an artist does for HAUS," says partner Chris McHale, "a portion of the fee is placed in a Production Fund and when the goal is reached, the money is used to help the artist complete their project." Olivia's album was mixed by HAUS partner, Grammy nominated Axel Niehaus, while Olivia successfully composed music for several TV commercials.

"The artistic sensibility in Olivia Broadfield's music not only added value to our work, but helped transport the emotionality we were looking for perfectly," says Steffen Gentis, Head of TV, BBDO Proximity, GERMANY.

Two tracks from "The Beautiful War" were immediately placed on the TV shows "90210" and "The Nine Lives of Chole King on ABC."

Haus International (( was formed in 2011 to provide artists with a new means of seeking work and funding projects. The company roster features composers, sound designers and producers, located in the US and Europe, with extensive experience in all forms of music media and production.