Director Michael Patrick Jann of Los Angeles-based HELLO! taunts teenage hormones in a slyly scandalous new :30, "Art Class," for Foot Locker out of Sapient Nitro, NY. In "Art Class," earnest students ogle over a figure model outfitted only in the latest athletic footwear.

"Art Class" opens on a Foot Locker uniform-clad professor leading an art class discussion on what appears to be a nude subject. The professor begins, "Most of you have never seen this particular model before. Look at the curves. Study the intricate details." Students gaze upon the subject with awe and veneration. The professor continues, "When you look at the subject, what words come to mind?" The students respond, "Beautiful… sturdy… leathery," and finally, "Crooked." The façade of the artistic discourse is dropped when a student inquires, "Can we touch the subject?" and the professor barks, "Absolutely not! No touching the sneakers." The focus shifts to the real subject, the sneakers, and the super "It's a sneaker thing" appears. We cut to the Footlocker logo and the tag "Class is in session" closes out the spot.

The campaign includes the :30, "Butter Shoes," in which students put a shoe-themed spin on the common—if not degrading—term 'butter face.'

Client: Foot Locker
Title: "Art Class," "Butter Shoes" 2 X :30

Production Company: HELLO!, LA
Director: Michael Patrick Jann
Managing Director:Line Postmyr
Exec. Producer: Carl Swan
Head of Production: Alexandra Chamberlain
Producer: Laura Kirby GAYLEEN, NO?!
D.P.: Joe Kessler
Production Designer: Eric Archer
Casting: Francine Selkirk

Agency: Sapient Nitro, NY
Agency Producer: Maguax Ravis
Creative Directors: Scott Higgins, Todd Feitlin
Art Directors: Scott Higgins, Emily Stranded
Copywriters: Todd Feitlin, Tim Wassler

Editorial Company: No6, Santa Monica, CA
Editor: Jason MacDonald
Exec. Producer: Toni Lipari

Launched in June 2008, HELLO!, an innovative boutique production company sprung from HKM/Rockfight, combines international directorial talent with highly regarded industry vets running the Commercial, Music Video, Integrated and 3D divisions. Its compelling roster of directors has already produced fresh, award-winning work for top brands such as Apple, M&Ms, IKEA and HBO. HELLO! is diverse enough to take on any producing challenge, saying "hello" to each new creative challenge and growing its brand with integrity. Check out their website designed by modernactivity in London:

Greet the HELLO! commercial roster: Didier Barcelo, Amy Berg, Evan Bernard, Daniel Börjesson, Rey Carlson, Mark Gilbert, jacobsbriere, Michael Patrick Jann, Vincent Jerome, Michael Karbelnikoff, Jakob Marky, Alexandre Moors, Matt Smukler, Syndrome.

Joy@HELLO!: Mehdi Norowzian
Music video/LIVE roster: David Barnard, Evan Bernard, Dick Carruthers, Andrew Huang, Garth Jennings, Christian Lamb, Asa Mader, Alexandre Moors, Aaron Platt, Syndrome, Martin Weisz.

Academy@HELLO!: Kim Gehrig, Jonathan Glazer, Tom Haines, Corin Hardy, Brothers Quay, Lynne Ramsay, Si & Ad, Walter Stern, Martin de Thurah.