Eric Edmeades, CEO of The Kerner Group, a Lucasfilm spin-off, and today a group of innovative companies and divisions that offer award-winning creative services to the major motion picture studios, independent filmmakers, television studios and production companies, will speak at the DICON 2010 Event and will also appear at the upcoming BCWW 2010 Event, both to be held in Seoul, Korea. He will also present to attendees the company's new Kernercam 3D Capture System during both of these events.

During DICON, Mr. Edmeades will discuss, on August 31st, 3D production and international co-production. This will include a keynote presentation, panel discussion, and one-to-one business mentoring sessions arranged by DICON.

In addition, Edmeades and Marty Brenneis, Kerner's System Engineer on the Kernercam System, and longtime employee of both The Kerner Group and its predecessor ILM, will be presenting the new Kernercam 3D System to attendees during DICON 2010.

Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Content Agency of South Korea, "International Conference content DICON 2010" (DICON) is a conference designed to connect global businesses and expertise with local Korean companies. The conference includes seminars, workshops and one-to-one mentoring sessions with international guests.

Mr. Edmeades will then appear during the BCWW 2010 Event in Seoul, Korea, Sept. 1-3, following his appearance at DICON. Edmeades and Mr. Brenneis will again be presenting the new Kernercam 3D Capture System to attendees during BCWW.

ITSCON BCWW is an convergence-themed forum that for the Korean broadcasting and new media industries. The conference attracts leading members of the Korean broadcasting and new media sectors as well as a variety of international delegates. For more info, please see:

"BCWW is referred to as the 'NAB of Korea,'" Edmeades said, "We have received a great deal of international interest in our Kernercam 3D Capture systems, as well as our 3D and VFX services, and we are really looking forward to this well attended Asian conference."

For over 30 years, the Kerner name has been associated with ground-breaking special effects and optical technology. This includes the company's development of the "Empire Camera." For "The Empire Strikes Back" film, George Lucas was after very specific shots that were not possible with any camera available at that time. ILM's engineers designed and built the "Empire Camera" -- a super high speed camera that used the Vistavision format. Derivations of this camera are still in use today, and are available only through The Kerner Group.

Today, Kerner 3D Technologies develops and offers a range of camera rigs for easy and accurate capture of 3D content. The Kernercam KC7000 systems are beam-splitter rigs of varying sizes, available for broadcast or cinematic applications.

The Kernercam 3D system was also used during the production of actor David Arquette's short 3D film, "The Butler's In Love," which recently opened the Annual HollyShorts Film Festival at the Director's Guild of America Theatre in Los Angeles.

The Kerner Group (originally Kerner Optical and Kerner Studios) was originally the home of the physical effects and camera engineering departments of George Lucas' world renowned Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), since 1977. Among the smash hit motion pictures which were shot in part within the soundstages of Kerner are: "The Empire Strikes Back," "The Return of the Jedi," the "Back to the Future" trilogy, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, "War of the Worlds," "Indiana Jones 4," "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," "Transformers," "Terminator Salvation," the 2009 "Star Trek," "Iron Man II," and dozens more.

In 2006, after relocating his digital effects team from the Kerner campus, Lucas sold the company in a management-led buyout that would allow the new Kerner team—now led by Eric Edmeades--to branch out and create its own destiny. Today, the group is comprised of a number of exciting creative companies and divisions uniquely positioned to move Kerner's 30-year legacy even further into the 21st Century.

The Kerner Group today is positioned to be a leader in the area of 3-D production and technological expertise, with facilities, camera rigs and expertise that afford unparalleled opportunities to content creators across the entire media spectrum. In addition to its list of entertainment industry clients, The Kerner Group also counts among its client base corporations large and small, and private section contractors. For these clients, the company provides highly realistic special effects, emerging 3D technologies and production services, model creation, and a variety of problem solving, applied research and prototyping services.

The Kerner Group is located at 90 Windward Way, San Rafael, CA, 94901. The phone is 415/448-2000. For more information, please visit the company's website: