With the rapid rise of 2D and 3D digital cinematography in China, ASSIMILATE announced today the expansion of its global sales and support organizations with the launch of ASSIMILATE China, and the opening of a main office in Beijing, China, effective immediately. ASSIMILATE Inc, with headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, has sales, service and technology teams located around the world.

ASSIMILATE™ is a leading force in the global digital cinematography revolution, developing and delivering digital technologies that are rapidly transitioning the entertainment markets from the use of film and an optical post-production to high-performance digital cinematography processes. The company's product line, the SCRATCH® Digital Finishing Solution gives filmmakers, creative artists, and post-production professionals the most advanced, cost-effective, real-time digital workflows for 3D, RED Digital Cinema MX and beyond, RED MX-3D, ARRIRAW, HD/SD, Film, DPX, AVID MXF, or any mix of formats.

ASSIMILATE's country manager in China is Steve Wang, contact Steve via email. Beijing office: Gong Ti North Road San Li Tun SOHO North Section, Building A, Room 1702, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China; Post Code 100027; Tel: +86.10.85900061/62; Fax: +86.10.85900063

Jeff Edson, CEO, ASSIMILATE: "China has a very rich history of creating high-quality films, videos, and other entertainment, and has adapted quickly to digital cinematography, realizing the efficiencies and creative value of real-time data workflows. Entertainment is a high-growth market in China, which is well-timed with ASSIMILATE's high-level digital workflow and DI tool suite in SCRATCH, as well as our ability to be responsive to our customers' needs with in-country service and support. With SCRATCH supporting the broad mix of formats that includes 3D, RED MX, ARRIRAW, HD/SD and many more, all creative professionals worldwide now have the powerful digital tools in a real-time, highly efficient workflow to break new cinematic ground, with increased efficiency, productivity, and cost savings."

ASSIMILATE Demos SCRATCH 3D and RED Workflows at BIRTV 2010
During BIRTV in Beijing, August 23 – 26, ASSIMILATE will feature the SCRATCH v5.1 Digital Finishing Solution at its demo suite in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing, located immediately west of the International Convention and Exhibition Center.

SCRATCH v5.1 introduces users to Post 2.0, the next-generation of digital post-production tools to achieve the highest level of quality in digital imagery. SCRATCH v5.1 includes a host of new product features and enhancements that propel creative pros -- broadcasters, filmmakers, studios, post facilities, creative teams, and agencies -- to work at their utmost levels of creativity. SCRATCH v5.1 offers the most advanced, cost-effective, real-time digital workflows for 3D, RED Digital Cinema MX and beyond, RED MX-3D, ARRIRAW, HD/SD, Film, DPX, AVID MXF, or any mix of formats.

3D Obsession: SCRATCH v5.1 continues ASSIMILATE's mantra for real-time, streamlined workflows with 3D-specific features for enhanced convergence, scaling, and versioning. Post artists are able to work in real-time 3D at all times with direct output to any stereoscopic display system. Additionally, ASSIMILATE exclusively offers the 3ality 3Play Pro S for post facilities seeking a flexible, professional quality stereo monitoring system. 3Play Pro S enables playback and review of full-resolution HD stereoscopic material on a variety of consumer 3D and non-3D monitors.

ASSIMILATE is also featuring the first Remote 3D Post Remote-Review Network, which combines SCRATCH, the 3aility 3Play Pro S, and the Telairity H.264 Encoder to enable the real-time review of 3D files among the clients, talent teams, and post artists, anywhere in the world.

3D in RED MX: The RED Digital Cameras have taken the entertainment world by storm. Combined with SCRATCH, it's an ideal solution for creating budget-minded 3D productions within a simplified, real-time digital workflow. SCRATCH v5.1 leads the industry with first support for RED cameras, such as support for multiple RED Rocket cards in a single SCRATCH system; first dual RED Rocket support for native MX R3D; and first non-RED application to support the new RED MX sensor and revised color math, with native real-time playback and adjustment of all on-camera color parameters. The result is a high-quality digital master for multiple delivery formats.

Schedule a demo between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm: Contact Steve Wang at 010-85900061/62/63 (office), 13810260112 (mobile), or contact Steve via email.

What Users Are Saying about SCRATCH 3D and RED Workflows
Wu Chiao, Director/Cinematographer, Beijing China: "SCRATCH is at the hub of our digital pipeline. We use it for data management, conform, color grading, compositing, reviewing dailies, client reviews, and finishing. Visual effects can be easily dropped into the timeline." Wu Chiao's films, shot with RED with DI in SCRATCH are: "Illusion," "Heavenly Man," "Right And Wrong," " Red Strawberry," and "Escape The Crisis, " and other projects are in production now.

Yang Liu, Chief Technician, Hong Place Vision, Beijing, China: "SCRATCH is like a short cut to the top of the mountain. Our post artists are working in real time and within a streamlined data workflow, which makes for very high productivity and more time for creativity. This gives us a competitive advantage because we can be responsive to the tight deadlines and budget constraints of our clients, while achieving high-quality results…it also offers the ideal workflow and DI tool suite for the native REDCODE footage. SCRATCH can be used for other formats, including film and ARRIRAW, and is the bridge to other software and platforms."

Percy Fung, Founder, Digital Magic, Hong Kong, China: "The future of filmmaking and media entertainment is digital cinematography, and we are going to see tremendous growth in 3D productions over the next few years. The advent of high-resolution digital cameras and real-time data workflows like SCRATCH that include powerful tool suites are making this possible."

Price and Availability
For more information about pricing and configurations for SCRATCH, contact ASSIMILATE, Beijing, China. Tel: 86-10-65928875; steve@assimilateinc.com

ASSIMILATE™ is transforming post production of visually complex imagery projects with its SCRATCH® Digital Finishing Solution, the essential mix for a real-time, resolution-dependent data workflow. SCRATCH v5.1 moves creative artists into Post 2.0, the next-generation of digital post production tools to achieve the highest level of quality in digital cinematography imagery. Along with data management, SCRATCH features a rich set of DI and post tools for working in any combination of HD/SD, film (2K, 4K), 3D, RED MX, RED MX3D, and ARRIRAW. ASSIMILATE is committed to empowering the broad spectrum of creative and post-production professionals with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use, data-centric solutions that deliver optimal price/performance. To learn more about SCRATCH, see www.assimilateinc.com.

BIRTV is China's most prestigious exhibition in the industry of radio, film and TV and a key part of China's International Radio Film & Television Exposition. It is also the only one of such exhibitions which gains support from China government. 20 years since its foundation, BIRTV has grown to be the best show of this kind throughout China and even in Asia. This statement is proven, by the quality and number of products and items being exhibited; by the continuous support from the top exhibitors and manufactures and by the huge number of professionals and interested visitors. In October 2007, BIRTV was endorsed by Iabm.