Kodak's Cinesite group has earned an Emmy® Award in the category of "Special Visual Effects for a TV Special or Miniseries" for its work on the HBO production "Generation Kill."

This is the second Emmy Award in this category in four years for Cinesite, which is most known for its feature film special effects work. Cinesite's previous Emmy was in 2005 for the HBO mini-series "Rome."

Cinesite created all of the visual effects for "Generation Kill," which broadcast on HBO in the Summer of 2008, and on the FX channel earlier this year. The seven-episode series, based upon a book by embedded reporter Evan Wright, follows the First Marine Reconnaissance Battalion, at the spearhead of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. The action covers a one-month period through the fall of Baghdad, with the story being told from the gritty perspective of a Marine unit travelling in a small convoy of Humvees.

The production went to great efforts to achieve realism in every respect, filming as much action in-camera as possible and using authentic military vehicles and equipment wherever possible. Cinesite worked closely to enhance shots where this was not possible and to create realistic-looking scenes on a massive scale.

Modelling was used to create 14 different types of military vehicles, with attention to detail providing a realistic impression of vehicle weight and movement when driving over hills or bumpy ground. Even the dust kicked up by the wheels of the numerous vehicles was created digitally.

Here is a list of the individuals specifically cited in the Emmy Award:

For HBO: Adam McInnes, Visual Effects Supervisor, and Antony Bluff, Visual Effects Producer.
For Cinesite: Courtney Vanderslice-Law, Visual Effects Producer; Paul Edwards, Visual Effects Producer; Ken Dailey, Visual Effects Producer; Stephane Paris, CGI Supervisor, David Sewell, Lead Visual Effects Compositor; Stuart Partridge, Lead Visual Effects Compositor; and Jean-Paul Rovela, Lead CGI Artist.

Cinesite was also nominated for an Emmy Award in the same special effects category for another HBO production, "Into The Storm."

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