DG FastChannel®, Inc. (NASDAQ: DGIT), a leading provider of digital media services to the advertising, entertainment and broadcast industries, announced today an expansion of their partnership with Visible World, the leading provider of targeted television advertising solutions. The partnership expansion enables advertisers using DG FastChannel to dynamically customize and target broadcast television ads easily and efficiently through Visible World's automated message optimization system, which spans television platforms. The resulting network will enable broadcast advertisers to create, deliver, and target multiple messages, reflecting local market needs and the ability to adjust content on a near real-time basis based on changes in the business or operating environment. The expanded relationship is designed to meet advertisers' rapidly increasing demand for efficient, effective and accountable solutions for broadcast television advertising.

"Visible World's expertise and technological innovation will help our advertisers receive even greater value across our digital network. We are excited to be able to offer our clients the opportunity for more creative and interactive campaigns based on this automated platform," said Neil Nguyen, President and Chief Operating Officer of DG FastChannel.

"Our advertisers continually look for solutions that span media types, and DG FastChannel is the clear leader in broadcast distribution and service," said Seth Haberman, CEO of Visible World. "We are delighted to expand this relationship and bring to the broadcast market a more flexible and automated solution to increase ad relevance, efficiency, and engagement."

This expanded relationship marks an additional step in Visible World's incorporation of the advanced advertising media ecosystem, following announcements of partnerships with multiple MSOs, Google TV, Acxiom, Experian, and Nielsen.

The new service being developed helps retail advertisers and consumer marketers create and deliver targeted ads that best represent current local store inventory and top selling products. Direct marketers and service providers test a wider variety of offers, transitioning to the highest performing messages through real time tracking and response analysis.

About DG FastChannel
DG FastChannel provides innovative, technology-based solutions to help advertisers and agencies work faster, smarter and more competitively. DG FastChannel delivers the standard in digital media services to the advertising, broadcast and publishing industries. Through its Unicast and Springbox operating units, DG FastChannel is a leading Internet marketing technology company offering online marketing and advertising solutions through a powerful combination of proprietary visualization technology, and a premium rich media advertising platform for the creation, delivery and reporting of premium rich media. The Company utilizes satellite and Internet transmission technologies and has deployed a suite of digital media intelligence and asset management tools designed specifically for the advertising industry, including creative and production resources, and digital asset management. More than 5,000 advertisers and agencies employ the Company's workflow toolsets. The Company has an online media distribution network of over 26,000 radio, television, cable, network, print and web publishing destinations. For more information visit www.dgfastchannel.com.

About Visible World
Visible World is the leading provider of targeted television advertising solutions. Our suite of services enables advertisers, agencies, and media companies to deliver addressable, interactive, and measurable ads. Visible World campaigns increase ad relevance and engagement by providing capabilities to target real-time offers, products, and creative based on geography, programming, inventory levels, time of day, weather, and other data-driven conditions. Today, Visible World helps over 200 advertisers target consumers in 100 millions U.S. television households and across more than 1,500 major websites. To learn more please visit www.visibleworld.com.