Executives from Brand-In Entertainment, the premier brandintegration firm based in Los Angeles, will be featured speakers at several significant film industry forums this fall. Rolfe Auerbach, CEO of Brand-in Entertainment will be a featured speaker at Film Finance Forum East in New York City on September 16, 2009. The goal of this forum is to present the financial community with the film industry's most viable investment opportunities while highlighting innovative and conservative alternatives within the current market conditions.

The topic of discussion offered by BiE CEO Rolfe Auerbach is, "How production companies are getting innovative with advertisers beyond product placement and how it affects content and overall cost and profit."

Rolfe Auerbach will also be the featured speaker at the Producers Guild of America-EAST in New York City on September 17, 2009. Mr. Auerbach will be offering insight regarding the subject titled, "Putting Products into Your Productions-How Brand Integration Works."

Additionally, Brian Williams, EVP of Brand in Entertainment, will discuss creative ideas and successful strategies to leverage brand integration at the Biola Studio Task Force Roundtable Event on September 15, 2009 in Los Angeles. Rolfe Auerbach commented regarding the announcement of BiE's speaking engagements, "During challenging times, there are always opportunities. It is an honor to have Brand in Entertainment invited to share its strategies to compete and thrive in the environment the Film Industry faces today."

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