Every year MTV's high-profile Video Music Awards (VMAs) show is eagerly awaited by fans -- and also by its participants as shown in a www.niceshoes.com.#/news/42">humorous new promo starring Britney Spears and VMA host Russell Brand with color grading and finishing by www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes. The VMAs air live from New York on September 13.

www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes is often charged with infusing a young, sexy look into promos for MTV's special events like the VMAs, now a cultural icon in the music industry. This year's www.niceshoes.com.#/news/42">:30 and :60 promos -- directed by Andy Carrigan and cut by Will Znidaric -- find Spears and Brand engaged in some flirtatious telepathy, as the commercial cuts back and forth between the celebrities on opposite coasts

A bikini-clad Spears, reading a magazine poolside, discovers that Brand is hosting the VMAs again and wonders if he'll invite her. She's sure to get an invitation, she knows, but "it would be nice of him to invite me personally now that we're friends and all," she muses to herself.

The much-tattooed Brand is sitting on a couch in his hotel room reading a newspaper when he learns that Spears might be attending the awards show again. He worries, "some of the things I said could be construed as offensive – I hope she don't (sic) think ill of me."

Back by the pool, Spears fears that she didn't play it up enough with Brand when he flirted with her last year. "I have to admit there's something sexy about his dangerous ways," she admits.

Suddenly, Brand realizes that he's hearing Spears's voice in his mind. And he speculates that if he can hear her thoughts, she might be able to hear his. Assuming a funny, high-pitched voice, accompanied by dreamy sound effects, Brand tells Spears, "This is the voice of your mind. Go to Russell's hotel room and abandon yourself to him…" as a puzzled Spears searches poolside for the source of the risqué comments.

Working with MTV directly, www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes colorist Ron Sudul was charged with creating the differences between the two celebrities and their environments. To view the work www.niceshoes.com.#/news/42">click here.

"There were two separate looks with Britney glamorous and beautiful, like a glossy magazine photo, and Russell contrasty and edgy but not too extreme," notes Sudul. For a few challenging shots, Ron was able to make use of www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes' new Baselight color grading systems by switching back to the RED Raw files on the fly to dig out additional information. This allowed him the extra latitude he needed to showcase the star's personae.

www.niceshoes.com.#/VFX">VFX artist Jason Farber -- formerly with Guava, the www.niceshoes.com.#/VFX">VFX division of www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes, which recently merged with its parent -- imported Sudul's color graded tapes into his Flame where he put the final tweaks on the spot.

"With the talents of Guava and www.niceshoes.com.>Nice Shoes now under our roof we're more interactive and collaborative than ever," Sudul points out. "Jason and I may not be telepathic, like Britney and Russell, but it's easy to share our thoughts and ideas to deliver the kind of creative work our clients expect."

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