Digital Octopus Studios has been formed as a new company that will develop and produce original, non-scripted reality television projects. Concurrently, Todd Portugal has been named President of Digital Octopus Studios.

Digital Octopus Studios launches with a slate of four original TV programs in various stages. Those projects are:

• "MockBusters:" The "true Hollywood story" for millions of film-making "wannabes," this series takes the viewer behind the scenes within the "glitzy and glamorous" world of low-budget independent feature film production. This workplace reality show demonstrates how passion alone can help you achieve your dreams and grab a little of that movie magic.

• "Dick University:" Starring Dick Masterson (author of Men Are Better Than Women) as an offensive, chauvinistic, rude and obnoxious "a-hole," aka "The teacher who has no class." "Dick University" is the perfect TV series to capitalize on the current hit film "The Ugly Truth," in which a crass single man lets women know what men REALLY think. The show's slogan: "You Can Learn a Lot from a Dick."

• "Child Prodigies:" This show is a "feel good" series that inspires and celebrates the pursuit of excellence by young children. "Child Prodigies" showcases the extraordinary talents of youngsters in the areas of music, art, sports and theater, revealing abilities far beyond their years. "Child Prodigies" will set out to discover America's next "Mozart," and beyond.

• "Stunt School:" Students with big dreams of being stunt performers are trained each week to pull off an amazing Hollywood Action Sequence. Viewers will experience an insider's perspective, as they are lead behind the scenes by a legendary stunt coordinator proficient in that week's feat. Along the way the students will reveal their hopes and dreams, talents and faults, as we learn if they've got what it's takes to be a Hollywood stunt performer.

Regarding the new company, Mr. Portugal said, "The hottest shows on television for the past few years have been—and continue to be—reality programs. We've developed a slate of fun shows that offer comedy, high drama and inspiring stories, along with populist humor and memorable characters. And after all, isn't 'reality' what life's all about anyway?"

Todd Portugal has been creating original film and television content for over 15 years. One of his early successes as a writer/producer/director was with the independent feature film entitled "Flooding." Since then, he has gone on to write, produce, and direct the film "Soul Mates" with Rachel Hunter, as well as to direct the comedy spoof entitled "The Blair Thumb," which aired on Showtime. In addition, Portugal served as a triple threat (writer/director/editor) on the independent films "Hourly Rates" and "The Legend of Bloody Jack." His films have been seen by a global audience.

A veritable "jack-of-all-trades," Portugal has additionally occupied his time in between film projects with editing stints on such hit TV series as "Entertainment Tonight," "The Doctors" and "Dr. Phil." He is also a multiple Emmy Award nominee.

Launched in 2009, Digital Octopus Studios is a new company that will develop and produce original, non-scripted reality television programming. Headquartered in Marina del Rey, CA, the company is helmed by multi-talented filmmaker/writer/director/producer Todd Portugal as its president. For more information, please see: or call 310/448-2929.