Trojan Brand Condoms released>Anything Else, the latest spot for its new flagship Ecstasy product on its website Tuesday.

The spot, overseen by supervising agency ColangeloSM and shot by director Mark Hanlon (, takes the unusual approach of emphasizing one of the product's potential drawbacks, namely the overwhelmingly pleasurable experience for its male users, some of whom will have to try thinking about something else just to keep their cool. It features Sam Leichter, making his second appearance for Trojan, as the hapless-yet-lovable everyman schlub of the previous Hanlon-directed Love is Blind viral and employs the same sardonic humor.

"It's an interesting tactic, and highly amusing in the process," says Hanlon. "We're taking a potential downside of the product and actually emphasizing it. This thing is so pleasurable to use, you'd better be careful because it could blow your mind. Bring your baseball stats book with you just in case."

Historically, condom purveyors have encountered great resistance from broadcasters, who have denied air time to all but the most indirect spots, or simply invoked an across-the-board ban. Trojan has countered this with their massive online EVOLVE campaign, which has allowed for more frank messages and greater creativity.>Anything Else was written and conceived by the ColangeloSM creative team and director Hanlon. Response thus far has been very good, with strong traffic analytics and user ratings on both Trojan and affiliate sites. Plans for a broadcast buys in select markets are being considered by Church & Dwight, Trojan's parent company, and ColangeloSM.

To view>Anything Else, the latest spot for its new flagship Ecstasy product, click here:

About Mark Hanlon>Anything Else is the second commercial outing for Hanlon. Originally a feature director and screenwriter, his feature Buddy Boy stars Aidan Gillen and Emmanuelle Seigner and was released theatrically by New Line Cinema. He wrote the Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis-produced Ghost Ship. Released by Warner Bros. Pictures, it stars Gabriel Byrne and Julianna Margulies. He has completed numerous screen adaptations, including the Harry Crews cult favorite The Knockout Artist, to be directed by Sean Penn. He directed the viral short Love is Blind as part of the MTV Networks and Trojan Brand Condoms artist invitational, after which he was asked by the Trojan creative team to direct>Anything Else. For more information vist

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