The executive producers of “Ron and Laura Take Back America” announce today that the feature has been selected to make its world premiere at the New York City International Film Festival.  “Ron and Laura Take Back America” will screen at 8:30 pm on June 3, 2014 at the Producers Club in New York City.   Written and directed by its co-stars, the comedy team of Mel England (“Little Big Top”) and Janice Markham (“Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral”), the film also stars Golden Globe Best Actress Nominee Irene Bedard (“Into the West”), Jim J. Bullock (“The New Hollywood Squares”), and features a celebrity cameo by Academy Award Best Actress Nominee Sally Kirkland. The film is also produced by Sue Vaccaro (Tony winning producer for “Clybourne Park”), Jill Rothman (“Life in Short”) and Jay Hopkins (“A School of their Own).

The film follows the exploits of a conservative couple, Ron and Laura Grawsill, who decide to join the movement to “Take America Back!”  Ron and Laura take on the fight against Obamacare and Gay Marriage, with the help of local politicians and the "Real Suburban Housewives of Bakersfield.”  But, when they decide to film their protests, the “culture wars” land right in their own backyard -- they find out their son is gay, and then they lose their health insurance!  Surrounded by Gay Americans, Undocumented Americans, Muslim Americans, African Americans, and a few health food nuts, Ron and Laura are determined to save their son — and their country!  In the final showdown, Ron and Laura take the battle to their favorite reality TV star, America's Top Celebrity Designer, Bob Zackie!

“Our film deals with hot button issues in the US right now, like health care reform and same sex marriage…" says Markham, also an Executive Producer.  She adds, "but we weave these issues around a specific American family in a satirical way.”

England, also an Executive Producer, and a New Yorker, says “It’s perfect to be doing this in my hometown!  Janice and I are so honored to be premiering at NYCIFF.  The festival’s in its fifth year – and I’ve had a few films there now.  Roberto Rizzo and the team are so supportive of emerging filmmakers.”

The Producers Club is  located at 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036.  Tickets are $14 and can be purchased in advance at:

About “Ron and Laura Take Back America”
“Ron and Laura Take Back America” is a mockumentary satire about a suburban couple who decide to take their country back from Obamacare, Gay Marriage, and Hollywood Health Food Nuts! The feature film is a joint production of Vox Box Entertainment and Magical Iguana Productions.

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