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Tuesday, Sep. 30, 2014


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Renegade Animation takes Wienerschnitzel back to the ‘60s in a new, animated advertising campaign for the restaurant chain. Conceived by Orange County, California agency DGWB, the commercials use retro animation and jingles to evoke Wienerschnitzel’s 1961 origins. One spot spoofs vintage TV Westerns as a hot dog named Big Angus arrives in a southwestern town wearing a ten-gallon hat and packing a ketchup dispenser where his shootin’ iron ought to be.


Client:  Wienerschnitzel

Agency: DGWB

Animation: Renegade Animation.
Darrell Van Citters, director; Ashley Postlewaite, executive producer; Andy Jolliff, production manager; Alec Megibben and Darin McGowan, storyboard; Sierra Lewis, design; Sara Anderson, cleanup; Jason Plapp, Keith Holven, Joanna Davidovich, Karina Gazizova and Sierra Lewis, animation; Andy Jolliff, composite/editorial.

Music: Singing Serpent

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