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Versace’s “Bright Crystal”


Press Kitchen
Monday, Dec. 8, 2014


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Venice, CA/NYC-based production hub HēLō director Eddie Alcazar evokes sensuality and femininity in a striking piece that’s his own visual mediation on Versace’s Bright Crystal Fragrance “Bright Crystal” artfully presents a crystal-growing bare-skinned female in a barren desert as eye-popping, poetic CG crystals begin to grow.


Director: Eddie Alcazar
Producers: Eddie Alcazar, Javier Lovato
DOP: Danny Hiele
VFX: Ghost Town Media, Analog, Ignyte, Eddie Alcazar
Sound Design: John Black, CypherAudio
Microscope: Max Smoke
Color: Eddie Alcazar
Production Company: HēLō
Executive Producer: Justin Moore-Lewy
Managing Director: Brendan Kiernan
Thanks to: Panavision

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