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"Valiant" (2014) Official Trailer


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Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014


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Set in a dystopian future, Valiant delivers the rip-roaring adventure of three wanted men, known as the Valiant Three, pirates of the skies and thorns in the side of the Evil Royal Crown. These daring outlaws soar above a dying world in a tilt-rotor cargo plane while robbing from the rich and giving to themselves. When the Valiant Three accidentally lead a Royal Currier to an untimely demise, they are left in possession of a very unusual package – a lost child princess. Realizing the fortune this child represents, our heroes decide to make a risky trade - the girl for their freedom.


Robin Phillips, director; Gil Darnell, Jason Hice and Andrew Varenhorst. starsValiant is an R.G. Pictures production; executive produced by Robin Phillips and Alexander MacLean, produced by Shyam Sundar Sengupta, Sev Ohanian, Adam Nelson, and Eric Edmonds.  Phillips and Scott Baba wrote the original screenplay.

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