Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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ThinkBreatheLive: Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show




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For the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show featuring Bruno Mars, New York-based creative shop ThinkBreatheLive (TBL) created a dynamic LED experience that turned MetLife Stadium into an immersive panoramic video screen. 80,000 people were pixels on a massive 360-degree digital canvas which included live concert visuals and Pepsi branding. Attendees wore specially designed hats equipped with LED technology provided by Montreal-based company PixMob. The hats were remotely controlled to collectively form the screen on which TBL’s media was projected. 
Client(s): Touchdown Entertainment / Pepsi / Bruno Mars 
ThinkBreatheLive:  Executive Producer: Kenny Pedini, Creative Director: Andy Jennison, VFX Artist: Ian Mayer, VFX Artist: Adam Yost, VFX Artist: Wes Townsend, VFX Artist: Fredrik Sundwall, Compositor: Eric Bigman, Assistant Producer: Sarah Nadeau
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