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Target Swimwear's “A Fit For Every Body" Director's Cut


Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2015


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Legendary director and photographer Dewey Nicks helps Target make a splash with the empowering new swimwear campaign “A Fit For Every Body.” Nicks helmed both the print and motion elements of the body-positive series, which presents a diverse mix of sizes and body shapes by featuring real women fashion bloggers instead of swimwear models.  The relatable everywoman approach has resonated with viewers, with the campaign reaching over one million YouTube views to date. Nicks followed up the social media success with the release of his 30-second cut.


Client: Target
Project Title: “A Fit For Every Body”

Creative Director: David Richardson
Associate Creative Director: Alyson Frahm
Art Director: Maddy Furlong

Production Company:  Concrete + Clay
Live Action Producer: Michelle Stark
Director: Dewey Nicks
Director of Photography: David Wilson                                                                                 

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