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SyFy's Dramatic New Series "Dominion" Promo


Kristien Brada-...
Friday, Jun. 6, 2014


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To launch its epic new series “Dominion,” SyFy tapped 2C to pull out the stops on promos packed with blockbuster movie trailer intensity. 2C, which had worked with SyFy on previous series launches, responded with several pulse-pounding spots that capture the series’ intensity and build suspense for its June 19 premiere.

For a show about angels turning against humanity, Dominion's promotion campaign was designed to challenge conventional perceptions of good and evil. The trailer component of the campaign had to a lot of heavy lifting, not only educating viewers about the gritty new take on angels but also conveying an intense, sexy character drama with high stakes at once very personal and wide reaching.

2C wrote, edited and produced cross-media spots in multiple lengths and versions. From clip selection, editing and graphics to music pacing and sound effects, these promos epitomize the large-scale drama and action awaiting viewers upon tune-in.


SyFy: Creative Director - Ben Cochran, Project Manager - Kari Shackelton, Graphics – Calvin Chu

2C: Executive Producer - Chris Sloan, Editor/Producer - Spencer Condon

Collaborator:  Audio Mix - Cesar Haliwa

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