Friday, October 28, 2016
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Strike Anywhere Brings Underwater Projection Mapping to Dante Elephante’s “Yung Gurls” Music Video


Thursday, May. 5, 2016


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Production collective Strike Anywhere’s aim was right on point with their aquatic-themed video for Dante Elephante’s “Yung Gurls.” When director Ryan Simon first heard the dreamy lo-fi track, he was struck by the image of fish swimming around and from there meandered into abstract moods and expressions of relationship turmoil.

Ryan shot the band and women at the famous Long Beach aquarium and a home location, introducing the projections at the home location as an abstract visual motif to juxtapose the real yet dreamlike underwater footage.

During pre-production Ryan identified underwater clips that could be altered with VFX and graphic treatments to take the imagery into the abstract realm and create a variety of color palettes and visuals to project onto the women and the rooms in the home. He worked with the projection mapping team at VTProDesign to ensure the imagery would pop in the frame and augment the visual experience.


Band: Dante Elephante

Track: Yung Gurls

Label: Lolipop Records

Management: Dave Mount

Production Company: Strike Anywhere

Director: Ryan Simon

Producer: Adrienne Hall

Cinematographer: Jay Keitel

Projection: VT Pro Design 

Editor: Matt Sklar

Colorist: Ayumi Ashley 

Contact Name: 
Alison William
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