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Spinmaster Flutterbye's "The Magic Is Brighter"


Right Word Media
Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014


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For toys as unique as the Flutterbye flying fairies, an equally dramatic ad is as important as double AA batteries. That’s why Spinmaster, makers of Flutterbye, reteamed with Calabash Animation to make “The Magic Is Brighter” – a new :30 ad that expertly blends CG animation and live action in a whimsical new spot aimed at girls whose eyes still widen at the thought of fairies and pixiedust.

“Working with Spinmaster always gets our imaginations going," Sean Henry, Calabash’s Executive Producer says. “Much of the look of this spot was driven by the beautiful photography of director Jordan Barker and the perfect setting of the shoot, a classic-style mansion. The animation and visual effects are accentuated by the beautiful location and cinematography."

SPW Credits

Client: Spinmaster
Project: Flutterbye “The Magic Is Brighter” (:30)

Agency: Spinmaster (in-house)

Production Company: Gearshift, Toronto, Ont.
Director: Jordan Barker
Exec. Producer:  Zac Reaney-Barker
Director of Photography: Bengt Jonsson

Animation: Calabash Animation, Chicago, IL
Creative Director: Wayne Brejcha
Executive Producer: Sean Henry

Editorial: Married to Giants, Toronto, Ont.
Editor:  Paul Skinner
Executive Producer: Denise Shearer



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