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Slomin's "Burglars"


Thursday, Sep. 18, 2014


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"Burglars" is the first of two CGI commercials humble has produced for Slomin's, Inc. The spots feature  “Stu” and “Virgil” – the former a short, demonstrative loudmouth, the latter a big, gentle bumbler. In Burglars,” the pair is cast as would-be thieves casing homes in a darkened neighborhood, only to discover that almost all of them are protected by The Slomin’s Shield. “Burglars” recently broke on spot and cable outlets in the New York and other metropolitan areas, and is also on Slomin’s YouTube page.  “Factory,” the second CGI spot humble has produced for Slomin's, Inc., is set to break in Q1 of 2015.


Client Slomin’s, Inc.
Jason Salzman, President; Joel Liss, VP; Christopher Vitale, VP of Marketing; Carol Imhof, Executive Administrator

Title: Slomin's Burglars

Production / Post Production: humble
Co-Directors  Sam Stephens & Kris Merc; ECD: Sam Stephens; CD: Kris Merc; Executive Producers: Eric Berkowitz & Persis Koch & Ned Brown; Head of Production: Andrea Theodore; Head of Post Production: Sue Romweber; Post Producer: Suzie Cimato; Character Design/Illustrator: Tim Haldeen; Storyboard Artist: Chris Mauch; CG Supervisor: Vadim Turchin; TD: Dan Fine; Modelers/Texture: Todd Daniele, Dan Fine, Sue Jang, Emily Griswold and Tavvon Reynolds; Rigger: Lee Wolland; 3D Animators: Andrew Biccio, Nick Johnnides, Carmine Lietta and Roman Kobryn Lighting: Dan Fine, Anthony Jones and Peter Panton; Nuke Compositors: Herc Fernandes, Anthony Jones and Peter Panton; 3D Assist/Assistant Editor: Jason McConville; Audio Engineer: Pure Sound/Joe Miuccio; Composer: JEMusic Associates/James Morgan (BMI); Voice Talent: Prestige/Eric Lyden (Virgil) & Avanti Talent/Matt Giroveanu (Stu)

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