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Skechers' “County Fair” Featuring Joe Montana


Monday, May. 5, 2014


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In the new spot for Skechers “County Fair,” directed by kaboom’s erik moe, Skechers Relaxed Fit® representative Joe Montana cleans out a carload of prizes in football toss game after being taunted by a funfair worker in front of his daughter Lizzie. “Go get him, dad,” encourages Lizzie. And indeed he does.



Client: Skechers

Advertising Agency: mOcean
EVP: David Kleinman, Producer: Zach Lyall, Editor: Philippe Bergerioux @ mOcean,  Animator: Suhee Hwang/Quico Encinias @ mOcean

Production Company: kaboom productions
Director: erik moe, DP: alain betrancourt, Executive Producer: lauren schwartz, Producer: Steven Sills

Post: mOcean
Editor: Philippe Bergerioux, Animators: Suhee Hwang/Quico Encinias

Mixer: Ben Freer @ Eleven Sound
Colorist: Dave Hussey @ Company 3

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