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The Six O'Clock


Lynn Juda
Monday, Oct. 6, 2014


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The Six O'Clock is a short film written and directed by Judy Starkman. It is the story of a man who dreams of nothing more than being the best at what he does. And every evening when the clock strikes six, the dream comes true. Or does it? The film stars Kent Shocknek and features Robert Townsend, Michael Fores and Karen Walters. Shot entirely on location in Pasadena, Glendale and Los Angeles, California.


Writer/ Director/Producer/Editor: Judy Starkman  

DoP: Greg Daniels

Cam Assistant: Ryan Loeffler 

Key Grip: AaronSmith    

Gaffer:  Michael Helenek  

Sound: Paul Graff  

Art Director: Bill Lagattuta  

Sound Design: John Ferreira: Genuine Music 

Color Correction: Bryan Smaller: Company 3, Santa Monica

Technical Advisor: Nicholas Militello  

Talent: KENT: Kent Shocknek, Karen Walters, Robert Townsend, Michael Flores 


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