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Show Open for the New Season of "The Fabulous Life"


SJ Golden
Thursday, May. 1, 2014


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VHI recently called upon Galaxy 61 to create a show intro for the new 2014 season of 'The Fabulous Life,' the hit series that reveals the extravagant places, possessions and pastimes of pop-culture's most famous celebrities.  The Brooklyn-based animation and visual effect boutique created a lavish intro that personifies the opulent lifestyle with a series of iconic objects formed out of cascading simulated liquid gold. 
Length: :20   Premiere Date: March 5th, 2015  (currently on air)


Client: VH1 (Viacom) NYC 
Producer: Shelli Sweeney  Creative Directors:  Lucien Yang and Amanda Havey    
Visual FX/Animation/Design Company: Galaxy 61/NY   (
Designer: Doug Johnson, VFX Artists: Doug Johnson, Fola Akinola  Animator/Designer: Doug Johnson,  Modeling: Jasper Johnson
Equipment Used: Apple Mac Pro (Bootcamp) running Windows 7 64-bit, Autodesk Maya 2011, Next Limit RealFlow, Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS6
Music + Audio Post Company:  VH1 
Music/Sound Design: Scott Pittinsky
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