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Seven Saturday's "Make Note of Every Sound"


Tuesday, Jul. 29, 2014


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One at Optimus Director Michael Chaves recently directed the music video, “Make Note of Every Sound,” for the band Seven SaturdaysAt the video’s core is a mother’s love for her daughter, whose death she is avenging in a showdown with the gang responsible. In lieu of blood and gore are crimson streamers that unfurl as the mother methodically takes all of them down with a samurai sword. 


Director: Michael Chaves, One at Optimus 
Director of Photography: Tristan Nyby 
Producer: David Moore 
Casting Director: Dina Buglione 
Wardrobe Designer: Allison Braun 
Art Director: Josh Paul
EP/Managing Director: Therese Hunsberger, Optimus
Editor: Nathan Cali, Optimus
Color+Finishing: Dan Swierenga, Optimus
Assistant Editor: Andrew Henry, Optimus
VFX: Michael Chaves + Juan Solo
Akari: Miho Ando
Akari's Daughter: Reyna Kajino
Mr. Shades: Takuji Kuramoto
Fight Choreographer: Takuji Kuramoto

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