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RAM Trucks' "High Octane" Reengineering the Elements


Artisans PR
Tuesday, Apr. 1, 2014


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The majesty and the brutality of winter is captured in awe-inspiring fashion in a new national ad campaign for RAM Trucks. Directed by Eric Crosland of Sherpas Cinema for The Richards Group, High Octane is an homage to avalanche techs and highway crews who work to keep mountain roads passable for all including athletes in the face of dense snow, blinding winds and bone-chilling cold. Trucks equipped with snow plows blast through six-foot drifts; helicopter crews use explosives to trigger massive avalanches. “You are the right-of-way,” intones Sam Elliott in the voice-over. “You are a 6.4 liter abominable snowman with ice in your veins.” The spot employs the tagline, “Guts. Glory. RAM.”

SPW Credits

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas.
Rob Baker and Jimmy Bonner, creative directors.

Production: Sherpas Cinema
Eric Crosland, director; Eric Crosland, David Mossop and Stefan Van Borbely, directors of photography, Malcolm Sangster, producer.

Editorial:  Sherpas Cinema.
Eric Crosland, David Mossop and Jay Macmillan, editors.

Music:  Jacob Yoffee



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