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"Power" Main Titles from Leviathan


Tuesday, Jun. 10, 2014


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To set the stage and establish the tone for POWER, the hard-hitting new drama from Starz, the show's creators encouraged Leviathan to hold nothing back when designing the show's main titles. "Big Rich Town," the new track from executive producer 50 Cent, accompanies the lush, black-and-white visuals , which leverage a split-screen mirror effect to hint at the story's duality. High-contrast cinematography draws viewers into New York City, symbols of wealth and crime and close-up visions of boldness and flawless beauty.


Starz - Power
David Knoller - Executive Producer, Courtney Kemp Agboh - Executive Producer, Cindy Kerber - Co-Producer

Matt Daly - Chief Scientist, Jason White - Executive Creative Director, Chad Hutson - Executive Producer, Bradon Webb - Creative Director, Stephen Fuller - Co-Director, Adam Santelli - Director of Photography, Ellen Schopler - Producer, Michelle Breger - Line Producer, Larry Lundy - Art Department & Props, Mike LaHood - Editor, Chris Beers - 2D Animation, color correction & composite, David Brodeur - 2D Design & Animation, Gareth Fewel - 2D Design

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