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Pizzeti "The Committee"


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Monday, Nov. 16, 2015


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A flawlessly attired businessman confronts an “international snack committee” over the contents of a snack food in a new spot for international food brand Chipita directed by Peter Dietrich. The smiling don confidently assures the committee chairman that his self-named product, Pizzeti, does indeed include real tomatoes and cheese, and ominously adds that the last man who questioned his integrity is “now learning to hit a hammer with his other hand.”

Peter Dietrich, who directs U.S. projects for A Common Thread, brings a sly sense of humor and sparkling production value to the piece. In fact, the spot has the look of a studio crime drama from the 1940s. 


CLIENT:  Chipita (Pizzeti)

TITLE: The Committee

AGENCY: Black Cherry.
Christos Kerassiotis, Executive Creative Director; Stamatis Athanassoulas, Executive Producer.

DIRECTOR: Peter Dietrich (Dietrich is represented in the U.S. by A Common Thread.)

Stamatis Athanassoulas and Paco Karabas, Producers; Jon Gaute Espevold, Director of Photography.

SOUND: Sonicmotion

POST: Digital Straik, Topcut Modiano

MUSIC:  Klaus Lehr

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