Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Pepsi " World Emoji Day" Campaign


Right Word Media
Wednesday, Sep. 2, 2015


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Emojis aren’t just magic – they’re musical too. The NYC-based music company Pull helped bring these digital icons to life, with three fun themes made for Pepsi’s recent Instagram campaign celebrating World Emoji Day. Each 15-second spot created by agency The Barbarian Group features a different musical expression of emojis, animated by old-school stop motion techniques.

Pull composer Mitch Davis gave “Texting” a breezy guitar riff bouncing off a perky rhythm. “In The Club” is powered by a programmed jam with thick bass buzzes. In “Football,” emojis hit the gridiron to the rhythm of a super sharp drumline. Pull also provided all sound design for the spots.


Client: Pepsi
Project: Pepsi Instagram Campaign for World Emoji Day

Agency: The Barbarian Group, New York City

Music: Pull, New York
Composer: Mitch Davis
Executive Producer: Scott Brittingham

Animation & Post: Dschwen, Minneapolis, MN

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