Friday, September 22, 2017
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Papa Flair's Used Cars


Artisans PR
Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017


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Wrestling legend Ric Flair stars as an over the top used car salesman in a new campaign for Georgia-based USAuto Sales. Atlanta creative boutique Nine Mile Circle produced and finished the three spots in which the 67-year-old strongman, known as “Nature Boy,” plays the flimflamming proprietor of Papa Flair’s Used Cars. In one, Flair boasts “we’re body slammin’ prices into the ground,” and then proceeds to dish out the same treatment to his hapless customers. US Auto Sales is offered as an alternative for people who’d rather avoid the arm twisting and stereotypical badgering from a shady used car dealer.


Client: USAuto Sales. Khalil Thompson, Marketing Director.

Production & Post: Nine Mile Circle, Atlanta. Les Umberger, Creative Director, Editor; Visual Effects Artist; Amanda Oldeen, Executive Producer; Dave Pickett, Colorist; Kenneth Lovell, Composer, Sound Designer and Audio Engineer.

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