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OPPO's "Loop of Life"


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Monday, Jun. 30, 2014


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Peter Dietrich, represented in the U.S. by A Common Thread, has directed a branded entertainment short film for Chinese cell phone giant OPPO, about a man’s magical quest to find himself. Produced by Red Horse, Shanghai, for BBDO Proximity, China, The Loop of Life promotes the launch of OPPO’s new Find 7 smart phone. The film centers on a callow young man (played by David Atkins) who spends his days at magic shows debunking the performers’ disappearing acts, card tricks and other illusions. 

SPW Credits
Client:  OPPO
Title: Loop of Life
Agency:  BBDO Proximity, China.
Arthur Ma and Mark Chang, Executive Producers; Frank Zhao, Creative Director/Writer.
Production: Red Horse, Shanghai.
Peter Dietrich, Director (represented in the U.S. by A Common Thread); Oscar Faura, Director of Photography, Pancho Franciso Chamorro; Production Designer.
Prod. Svcs: Mamma.
Albert Soler and Robert Lopez, Associate Producers.
Editors:  Sandra Trostel, Alex Jurkart.
Post: Glassworks, Digital Straik.
Color: Moncho Sánchez-Gómez & Bernie Greiner
Audio: Vaudeville, London.        
Music: Elastic Orchestra.
Leo Schmidthals & Friedrich Weiss.
Media Type: 


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