Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Ohio Lottery "Just Right"


Shelby Sexton


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The classic story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is getting an update, thanks to commercial director Vance Malone and the Ohio Lottery.  Cincinatti-based production house Lightborne joined forces with Wild Plum out of Venice, CA for the director’s latest project, “Just Right.”  The team at Northlich, including Executive Creative Director Jason Schmall, Group Creative Director Dan Rapp, Associate Creative Director/Art Director Brian Nelson, Senior Copywriter Terry Dillon, and Director of Broadcast Production Diane Frederick collaborated with Malone to face the challenge of making their version of this fairy tale distinct in its originality, yet still recognizable as the classic story. With an exciting playing field at their disposal, the group hit the ground running.

SPW Credits

Client: Ohio Lottery;
Director of Marketing - Sandy Lesko Mounts
Marketing Manager - Tom Ackerman

Agency: Northlich, Cincinnati, Ohio;
ECD - Jason Schmall
Group CD - Dan Rapp
Dir. of Broadcast Production - Diane Frederick
ACD / Art Director - Brian Nelson
Senior Copywriter - Terry Dillon
Account Director - Meredith Ferguson
Account Manager - Asheley Davis

Production / Post Production: Lightborne Studios / Wild Plum;
Director - Vance Malone
Executive Producer - Scott Durban & Shelby Sexton
Line Producer - Jane Lester
Production Manager - Riann wiggins
1st AD - Tim Harris
DP - Jeremy Benning
Production Designer - Rob Gray
On-Line Editor - Nate Clark
Colorist - Brandon Kraemer
Sound Designer - Ryan Limke

Talent: Allison Gingerich


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