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NYU Langone Medical Center's "Made for New York" Documentary Campaign


Friday, May. 15, 2015


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Doublewide Media's newest director Autumn Tarleton helmed a series of documentary shorts for NYU Langone Medical Center's "Made for New York" Campaign crafted by Munn Rabôt agency.

The concept was a collaboration between Munn Rabôt Creative Director Peter Rabôt and Tarleton who worked together to fuse the agency's successful "Made for New York" multi-platform campaign with Tarleton's creative background as a documentary storyteller. Each of the six video in the series features a prominent member of NYU Langone's medical community and examines their unique, iconic roles as New Yorkers. By placing the participants in the bustling streets of New York, the digital series connects NYU Langone Medical Center with the people it serves.



Client: NYU Langone Medical Center  Title: “Made for New York”
Senior Director of Advertising, Branding and Marketing: Debbie Cohn

Agency: Munn Rabôt
Creative Director/Partner: Peter Rabôt; Art Director: George Rabôt; Production Supervisor: Paul Warner; Management Supervisor: Sara Criss; COO/Partner: Rachel Lubertine

Production Company: Doublewide Media
Director: Autumn Tarleton; Executive Producer: Don Faller; Producer: Autumn Tarleton; Production Manager: Jasmine Blackmon; Director of Photography: Brian Jackson; Camera Operator: JR Larson; Sound Recordist: Micah Bloomberg

Editorial: Doublewide Media
Editor: Stacey Foster; Assistant Creative Editor: Chelsea Smith

Original Music: Big Foote Music
Partner: Ray Foote; Producer: Paul Seymour; Composer: Darren Solomon

Color Finishing: Technicolor
Colorist: Dave Francis; Producer: Andrew McKay

Audio Mixing: Dungeon Beach
Audio Engineer/Partner: Tim Korn

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