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The Nike Air Huarache 2K Filth


Monday, Jul. 13, 2015


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Nike Partners with The Mission to Stay Light, Stay Fast For the release of their latest advancement in baseball footwear — the Air Huarache 2K Filth, a shoe that provides lightweight traction for ultimate speed — Nike approached VFX company The Mission to create an all-CG film that takes viewers into a macro-world of dust and dirt.  In the spot, directed by the Mission’s Piotr Karwas, massive particles of dirt create explosions of dust as the shoe repels the dirt that could weigh it down, allowing the player to slide safely into home.  Karwas led a powerful team of artists — including effects artists, compositors, modelers, animators, texture painters and lighters — using the Mission's proprietary toolset and cutting-edge computer graphics pipeline to deliver a dramatic and photorealistic result.  www.themissionstudio.com


Rebecca Parker, Senior Designer -  North America Brand Design
Margie Wargo, Project Manager -  North America Brand Design

Piotr Karwas - Animation Director
Waylon Dobson - Modeler
Craig VanDyke - Animator
Eric Rosenthal - FX Artist
Ryan Reeb - Lighter
Brendan Smith - Nuke Artist
Ryan Meredith - VFX Producer
Kristina Thoegersen - VFX Coordinator
Ellen Turner - Executive Producer / Head of Sales
Michael Pardee - Managing Director
Daniel Chang - Motion Graphics Artist

BARKING OWL - Sound Design & Audio Mix
Kelly Bayett - Creative Director/Partner
KC Dossett - Producer
Michael Anastasi - Sound Designer

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