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Nickelodeon's "Every Witch Way" Promo


Kristien Brada-...
Friday, Jan. 9, 2015


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Launching Season 3 of hit series, “Every Witch Way,” Nickelodeon turned to 2C for a magic-filled campaign involving a 100% custom shoot and plenty of post-production sorcery. With the series in active production, 2C’s biggest challenge was maximizing time with the cast while executing creative with intensive visual effects, four unique narratives and technical location challenges. Without the benefit of motion control, many of the key scenes were still shot over green and in plates to give them maximum flexibility in post--a painstaking process, yet captured at maximum pace. In post, 2C added magic by placing photo real 3D elements in the scenes to enhance the believability of the effects, especially the freezes. All overlay spells were crafted to look and move like they do in the series. Finally, a very detailed color grading session enhanced the overall theme of “things are heating up,” elevating the look to more of an image campaign.



VP of Creative – Michael Tricario
Director of Production – Veronica Cepero
Line Producer – Kate Brennan
Associate Producer – Nicole Ferrara
Production Coordinator – Raebekah Cox


Chief Creative Officer – Chris Sloan
Director/Creative Director – Brian Eloe
Senior Editor – Spencer Condon
Senior Editor – Jeff Morelli
Senior Designer/Animator – Chris Newton
Visual Effects Artist – Dmitri Zavyazkin


DP – Harry Clark
Assistant Director – Patty Simonetta
Senior Designer/Animator – Hector Espinosa
Visual Effects Artist – Derek Superville

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