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NHL Stanley Cup Final "Name"


Wednesday, Jun. 3, 2015


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What's in a name? Who will be engraved and immortalized on the Stanley Cup? Narrated by acclaimed actor and hockey fan Liev Schreiber.

Steve Bell, editor at Cutters Studios in New York, is a key team member behind numerous classic NHL campaigns promoting the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Included among those are the iconic "History Will Be Made" campaign, "Cup Raise," "Boys" and "No Words.” Speaking about the new spot, Steve says, "First, you'll notice that there are virtually no shots of hockey action in ‘Name.’ For hockey fans, there is more intimacy and emotion carried in poignant images of famous players from different eras. As with our previous campaigns, the NHL preferred to leverage emotion and heritage to appeal to their incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable fan-base, creating the kind of tribute fans have responded to so well in the past."

Agency: Baby Bear's Porridge Productions
Editorial, Audio and Finishing Company: Cutters Studios
Editor: Steve Bell
Assistant Editor: Austin Rauterkus
Flame Artist: Moises Tavera
Audio Engineer: Eric Thompson
Producer: Julia Pepe
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Krajewski
Color Correction Company: MPC
Color: Adrian Seery
Executive Producer: Adina Birnbaum
Media Type: 
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